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A relaxed, caring atmosphere close to churches, beaches, shopping centers and malls, and community centers.

Respite Care

Respite care is temporary care provided when family caregivers need short-term breaks from caring for a loved one. This type of care can either be planned or used in case of an emergency and is primarily used to support a family caregiver or provide relief when they cannot complete their loved one’s care. Respite care can range from several days to several weeks depending on the situation and the services offered by your local community.

It’s important that family caregivers utilize respite care or support from other sources to prevent caregiver burnout and the stress that is often associated with caring for an aging loved one. It is important to contact local facilities several weeks prior to needing respite care as availability may not be offered if the community is full or has a waiting list.

Adult Day Program

Seniors who remain engaged in social activities can reap a multitude of benefits associated with that engagement. As we age, our brain chemistry physically changes, making it harder to remember items or to learn new information. These changes in brain chemistry can lead to cognitive impairment so severe it eventually develops into dementia. In helping your elderly loved one to interact with their fellow peers and keeping their mind stimulated, it can actually help them slow down or possibly prevent the progression of dementia. According to the National Institute of Health, seniors that are highly social have a 70% lower chance of intellectual decline!

At Greatest Generation our mission is to assist our seniors in remaining active in and connected to our community. By offering fun and engaging activities and outings as well as facilitating creating meaningful connections within the surrounding community Greatest Generation strives to improve and maintain a high-quality of life for all of our Seniors.

Building new friendships

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